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This is about what matters to you. Our pitch, a one of a kind painterly approach to portraying the character/s who define your story. The energized pigments and bold stokes add a new dimension to your collective memories.


Mary established a graphic design studio while earning her BFA. As she navigates the creative landscape she entertains a life filled with family, friends, clients, her canine companions, and the tribal creatures who contribute to our planet. Armed with a sketchbook and a broad range of music she travels the road shared by all walks of life, a limitless source of inspiration.


As time flew, Mary gravitated toward an ongoing fascination with the animal kingdom and expressive painting. Pastels offer a vibrant, buttery texture creating stunning effects and the versatility of acrylics invite an adventurous palette and textured, fluid and full body brush strokes/mark making. 


Each pastel is created on a soft sand-like acid-free surface using only professional grade pastel sticks and pencils. Professional grade acrylic paintings are available on a gallery canvas making framing unnecessary unless it's a desired look. Special care is taken to secure each keepsake before shipping.


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